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Dylan Hood

Dylan Hood is a serial entrepreneur of start-ups in real estate, construction, nonprofits and social enterprises.

Vittorio Cosma

I want to see a change in the world. Constructive, uplifting and sustainable change.
And not just in the world in general, but more specifically in the investment industry. Change that focuses not purely on business needs, but on the needs of the humans that drive those businesses.
I believe that the investment industry needs to change and what better way to do so than from the inside. So, that’s where my passion and skill set comes in.
I help business founders in their quest to attract investment and scale their companies in a people forward, transparent and value-based manner.
I’m a chartered surveyor and retail is my bread and butter but my strength shines through at the inception of projects and business ventures: from proptech to brands, biological sciences and futuristic scenarios.

Erik Avalos

A visionary cannabis cultivator whose journey intertwines passion, expertise, and a commitment to pushing boundaries. Born with a green thumb and an innate curiosity, Erik’s early years in cannabis cultivation were marked by experimentation, education and a deep connection to the plant.
From the illicit shadows to the vibrant light of legality, Erik navigated the transition with finesse. Today, as a legal cannabis cultivator, his name is synonymous with innovation and premium cultivation practices. Erik Avalos is not just growing cannabis; he’s cultivating a legacy of excellence, blending traditional wisdom with cutting-edge techniques. His story is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of dedication, turning a personal passion into a thriving career within the legalized cannabis landscape.

Bruce Granger

Started in the cannabis industry was as President of Kind Love, a Medical Marijuana company in Glendale, CO, which is a suburb of Denver. We launched in early 2010, Kind Love was one of the highest-rated dispensaries in Colorado as well as a state-of-the-art grow facility and extraction and infusion division. I was instrumental in launching Kind Love and developing the company’s patient-centric service model. I sold the company in 2014. Over those years I built 5 grow facilities ranging in size from 5,000 to 40,000 sq. ft. I have worked on designing another 15 grow facilities. Bruce is a pioneer and am recognized as one of the leaders in the industry. I consulted with Colorado Senator Chris Roomer in drafting State Bill 1284 – the main MMJ regulatory measure. After the passage of SB 1284, I was appointed to the first MMJ rules
board and assisted in drafting Colorado’s MMJ regulations.

Erin Spaulding

Erin Spaulding, CVA, CM&AA is an independent valuation expert and advisor in the area of transaction services as co-founder and managing member of Spaulding Financial. As a team leader with a breadth of experience across sectors, Ms. Spaulding has substantial depth of valuation experience in early-stage tech, fintech, biotech, consumer goods & services, media & entertainment, aerospace & defense, and across the cannabis & psychedelics sectors. Her expertise is often focused on nascent and transformative industries, highly regulated at federal, state and municipal levels, as well as around cross-border commerce and M&A.
The scope and purpose of her valuation engagements have included financial reporting and audit support (for business combination under ASC 805 and impairment under ASC 350 & ASC 360, share-based payments under ASC 718), tax reporting (for share-based payments under IRC 409a, ESOP establishment & maintenance, gift & estate planning), shareholder exits, disputes & litigation support, capital raising for both established and early stage companies, M&A transaction advisory including due diligence and fairness opinion, marital dissolution and executive compensation.