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Our Build-Out:

Building includes:

  • Refrigerator-Type Insulated Wall and Roof Panels – R25 Wall Insulation – R41 Roof Insulation
    Finished Interior Wall Panels
    Fire Sprinklers
  • Ceiling Heights: 1st Floor:
    Min 12’3”, 2nd Floor: 12’-14’
    Heavy Power – 1,600 AMPS 3 PHASE 480V
    Loading Bay w/ 12’ Overhead Door
    Solar Powered Roof System
    Industrial Elevator/Freight Lift
    Custom Steel Fabrication
  • 16,460 SF two levels
  • Solar powered backup/reserve batteries
  • Freight Elevator

Project includes:

  • Type 12 Microbusiness cannabis license including Cultivation, Type 6 and Type N manufacturing, distribution, and retail.
  • On-site retail shop
  • Three 2500+ Flower Rooms
  • On-site processing and manufacturing:
    • Ice-water extraction
    • Rosin Extraction