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Dylan Hood - CEO
Dylan Hood is a serial entrepreneur of start-ups in real estate, construction, nonprofits and social enterprises.
Vittorio Cosma - Fractional CFO
I want to see a change in the world. Constructive, uplifting and sustainable change. And not just in the world in general, but more specifically in the investment industry.
Erik Avalos - Chief Cultivation Officer
Born with a green thumb and an innate curiosity, Erik’s early years in cannabis cultivation were marked by experimentation, education and a deep connection to the plant.
Francisca Vidal - Plant Technician
Hailing from Mexico and now residing in the lively city of San Fernando Valley, share a profound love for botanicals, particularly cannabis. Raised with an appreciation for natural remedies and holistic wellness, her Mexican heritage deeply influenced her journey into the cannabis industry.
Madeline Perez - Site Manager
Raised with an appreciation for natural remedies and holistic wellness, Madeline’s Mexican heritage has deeply influenced her journey into the cannabis industry. Madeline has ventured into the world of cannabis with a mission to challenge norms, reshape stereotypes, and promote social acceptance of cannabis.
Kristina Etter - Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
With a background in technology and agriculture, working for Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo and DuPont, Kristina Etter found her calling in the Colorado cannabis industry. As co-founder and publisher at Cannabis Tech, a publication focused on commercial solutions and technology, she’s been completely immersed in cannabis industry communications and marketing for the past eight years.
Name - Fractional Chief Operations Officer
The COO will work with the executive team to develop and implement strategies that improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The COO will be responsible for leading and managing all operating departments and providing guidance and support to all employees to ensure that our company goals are met.

FREE-Green LLC Advisors

Bill Sanchez
Co-Founder at Capital Building Services, Inc, a licensed General Contractor and Real Estate Development Company.
Charles Caliman
Strategic, solution-oriented attorney & consultant with diverse corporate and transactional expertise.
Erin Spaulding
Erin Spaulding, CVA, CM&AA is an independent valuation expert and advisor in the area of transaction services as co-founder and managing member of Spaulding Financial. Erin is a team leader with breadth of experience across numerous sectors.
Bruce Granger
Started in the cannabis industry was as President of Kind Love, a Medical Marijuana company in Glendale, CO, which is a suburb of Denver.
George Carter
I am an experienced, genuine, and visionary leader who is passionate about leading change in today’s ever-evolving world by empowering those who may have remained voiceless. I consider myself a man of the people who values the importance of relationships that are built on trust, loyalty, and dedication.
Mr. O (Master Grower – Aeroponics)
Shawn McLoughlin
Shawn is a high-impact sales and education leader for Global brands. He creates innovative data-driven education programs and potent selling strategies that increase sales volume, market share, and profitability while creating a collaborative, results-oriented culture.
Yuma Bella Noir
Yuma is a global negotiator specializing in product and brand development throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Entrepreneurial spirit with an emphasis on relationship building, branding, digital marketing, and a commitment to developing brands and enhancing social networking. Expert and top-producing professional in the Beauty, Travel, and Fashion Industry.