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Understanding Social Equity and Why it Matters

The war on drugs has resulted in disproportionate law enforcement targeting and incarcerating of people of color and people in low-income communities. The cannabis industry has really been built on the backs of black and brown people going to jail. So it is very important that we address the issues of what the war on drugs has done on these communities and try to repair them.

Cannabis Arrests by Race

Social equity is about addressing those harms by giving women and people of color a seat at the table and using money from the now-legal industry to re-invest in the communities that suffered under prohibition policy. It is also about encouraging employment and ownership opportunities in the industry.


Equity refers to fairness and justice in the distribution of resources, opportunities, and privileges, taking into account the unique circumstances and needs of individuals or groups. It recognizes that different individuals or groups may require different levels of support or accommodations to achieve a level playing field. Equity aims to address historical and systemic disadvantages and achieve ‘equality of opportunity’.


Equality refers to the principle of treating everyone the same or providing the same opportunities and resources to all individuals or groups regardless of need. It focuses on uniformity and equal treatment without necessarily considering the specific needs, circumstances, or historical disadvantages that certain individuals or groups may face.