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We are a different
Cannabis Company.


Our Cannabis
Cultivation Vision

FREE-Green, LLC (FG) is an Intellectual Property (IP) Holding company created specifically to focus on the creation, management, licensing, and enforcement of the intellectual property of its creator and later its team members.

FG is creating the first-of-its-kind cannabis cultivation facilities that will primarily employ individuals of color who have been formerly incarcerated. A large percentage of FG’s revenue from its operations will go toward our programming and the communities that we serve.

FG is committed to employing people from within the communities it serves, i.e. those who were most affected by cannabis offenses (people of color and women), marginalized people, and formerly incarcerated adults.

Simply, we are taking a stand and saying: “No more to racial bias in the criminal justice system as a whole”.

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Our Value Proposition

Free Green Coachella is a socially equitable ‘white label’ cannabis supplier cultivating premium cannabis using the highest ESG standards. For dispensaries and brands, whether existing or new to the market, seeking an exceptional product with a social purpose, we stand apart from the rest.

Our focus on quality over quantity, a diverse management team, and proactive efforts to address social injustice by hiring formerly incarcerated individuals and offering them ownership stakes set us apart. Join us in championing a better and more equitable future through the power of cannabis

Our product line consists of high-quality cannabis products that prioritize sustainability and ethical production. We believe that as a cannabis consumer, you should be able to enjoy high-quality cannabis without sacrificing your values.

Quality + Sustainability

  • Green Cannabis
  • Being at the forefront of cannabis personalized medicine
  • Environmentally friendly production with its recycling system and low water consumption

  • Giving back to FREE (Non-profit)
  • Providing Education and Employment opportunities
Equality + Equity

  • Distributed Ownership through a sizable Option Pool
  • Diversity and inclusion through our team and board members from a diverse community of BIPOC, women, members of the LGBTQ community, and the formerly incarcerated

Social Purpose

Cultivating Cannabis for Social Good

FREE-Green LLC is a premiere cannabis cultivation business located in Desert Hot Springs, CA to become the premier provider of high-quality cannabis and related products. We serve the needs of cannabis customers and make quality products

Ceo Introduction

Building Equity,
Cultivating Change.

Co-founded Patria Partners, LLC, a real estate development firm, and Patria Construction, LLC in 1996. We revitalized dilapidated properties in Chicago’s impoverished communities. By 2006, Patria Partners became the second largest landlord under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 8 voucher program.

– owned and managed over 400 scattered site housing units
– employed 85 team members for construction and management

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